Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Passed Again!

So a little while ago, M-Guy and M-Gal took me out one night. We came to a place called a nursing home and he told me that I had to be a good boy so I could pass my Therapy Dog test. What's with all these tests that I have to pass? Isn't it obvious by now that I'm a good boy? Sheeeesh! I guess all dogs have to pass this one though if they want to go visit people in nursing homes and hospitals. That sounds like it would lead to some fun adventures and more places for me to check out, so I guess I'm down with that.
It was a lot like that Doggie Good Something-or-other test, or whatever it was called. M-Guy and these other folks threw me some curve balls on this one though. There were treats I had to walk past without eating, a bunch of ladies yelling, screaming and acting crazy, and the kitchen was at the end of the hall with people pushing carts in and out banging pots and pans together. To top it off, one time we had to walk the other way down the hall while the crazy ladies ran past us, all rowdy like, with a corgi riding in a chair with wheels! The only thing I want to know is how did the corgi get that gig? I want that job next time! It looked a lot more fun than having to walk nicely next to M-Guy through the whole thing.
Anyway, I passed another test again, so I can become a Therapy Dog now. Everybody there kept saying how good I was, and how handsome I am. DUH! What else did they expect from the Handsome Hector? That place was pretty fun, so hopefully I get to go back soon to visit the folks staying there. Hey M-Guy! I didn't help you and M-Gal out around the house that much before this test like I did last time, but don't worry.....I made up for it. I cleared off M-Gal's night stand, and cleaned the kitchen counters for ya. No need to thank me! Just an FYI.
H - Oh...and by the way, I made the Rochester paper because of it, too! Check it out.

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