Monday, June 22, 2009

Wallace is a Media Machine

John Gross from KSTP Channel 5 in the Twin Cities swung down to Rochester a couple weeks ago to do a feature on Wallace and I. He actually contacted Josh to do a piece on him and his cattle dog Wazee, but Josh graciously referred him to us instead. Besides Josh giving us the referral in order to help us gain more exposure for the cause, I'm pretty sure it was also somewhat of a ploy to not be featured since he would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it, but we'll take it. Unfortunately for him he did get roped in front of the camera for a short time anyway, but he did good with his few seconds of fame.

John was awesome to interview with and put together a real nice positive piece to show our side of the story. It seemed like he came in not really knowing what to expect, but soon was high fiving us out of excitement for what he was witnessing. Wallace went to jump up to greet John when he first arrived. He was on leash so wasn't able to, but John was a little unsure and flinched a bit (rightfully so). However, within minutes of the interview, Wallace jumped into him because of a bad toss I did, and John came away laughing! How's that for quick positive impact? Wallace was living up to our motto for sure, changing minds one disc at a time. What a great feeling to not only know we were influencing John's perspective of Pit Bulls in a positive way, but to know we would be reaching many more through the exposure of the feature piece as a result. Josh came through again with the camera and grabbed some footage of the interview itself with a surprise appearance by Clara's little disc dog Scooby Snack.

To check out the great piece John put together in it's finished form click here. Thanks John for the great times and wonderful piece. Hopefully we'll meet up again in the future.



Mia said...

Fabulous - fabulous - wonderful Wallace - thanks for sharing - both videos!

Joshua Grenell said...

Glad you got that posted. Some good stuff in there.