Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wallace Qualifies for USDDN Nationals!

This weekend was a blast. Lots of drving, but well worth it. Brian, a fellow MN Discdogger, and his border collie Rocket joined me for the trip to Milford, OH. All of us bully folk know that Ohio has not been the best place to be if you're a Pit Bull, but fortunately state BSL was overturned a little while back. That's why it felt so cool to roll into Ohio and compete just outside of Cincinnati, which unfortunately still is not a good place to be if you're a Pit. The best part is that Wallace was not the only Pit Bull representing at the competition. The Bullies rocked the place and Wallace took 1st Place in Super Open Freestyle, qualifying for the USDDN National Finals. Wallace also qualified in Super Pro Toss and Catch, and won the Overall Weekend Award and a year's supply of Total Performance Dog Food. Thanks to the Southern Ohio Flying K9's for an amazing weekend of great times!

With the accomplishments from the weekend, Wallace has throughout his career qualified in every organization that holds qualifying events for a larger final event. This includes - AWI World Championships, UFO World Finals, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals, Skyhoundz World Finals (Pairs Freestyle; Individual Freestyle; and Distance/Accuracy), and now the USDDN National Finals (Freestyle; and Toss and Catch). Wallace Rocks!

I'm in the middle of editing video and waiting for some pictures to post, so stay tuned for pics and vid of Wallace and his friends Thelma and Belle at the Ohio Cup!



Emma's Mom said...

Glad you had a good time!
...as to the video...is it done yet?!, is it done yet?!,is it done yet?! ;) LOL! :)

Mia said...

Can't wait to see the video!!

Burton said...

It was great to have our little pit bull contingent there! Way to go you guys!

EmilyS said...

love you guys!
But where did you get the idea that Ohio's statewide BSL was overturned? (it's not an outright ban, it defines pit bulls as vicious) The Ohio SC overruled the lower court and restored the law.

Be careful out there!