Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Dogs, Less Vick

Vick is getting a lot of press lately with his PR team working hard for him. It would be nice if he would be selfless enough to have his PR team work to get exposure for the dogs he abused as well, instead of just him. That's probably too much to expect at this point though. Regardless, we got some press on our own. Julia Lane, a writer and fellow discdogger, graciously referred the blog post request from The Bark Magazine to me to get my perspective instead of doing it herself. Thanks Julia for the opportunity. Click Here to check it out.

Also, a Duluth news team came down to do a piece on Hector to air Friday. The reporter was in love with Hector and even bought him a big biscuit for his hard work for the camera. Click Here to the video and news story.

Thanks to The Bark and Fox 21 for the pieces. As always, comments to let the reporters and organizations know you like coverage always help to get more in the future.

Hey Vick, how about an interview for Hector on 60 minutes?



Lauren said...

Loved the coverage - great job, guys!

Emmasstayin' said...

Awesome job, brought tears to my eyes and actually made Mark speechless(very hard to do LOL)
OK I lied he said "Wow...that's...Wow"
Huge hugs folks and warp speed wiggle kisses from Emma :)

kissa-bull said...

aww tear! may god bless the wonderful job you guys are doing!
you can ck out my blog at
its about my four pit babies.
i very new and would appreicate the support.

EmilyS said...

I see Hector is another grass eating cow-pit!!! who knew?

my three all love to munch on the green stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roo, any chance that you could actually try and arrange to meet with or contact Vick and let him see Hector now and the work that Hector and a few of the others are doing as therapy dogs. Maybe seeing them in that light after all they have gone through would resonate with him and he might actually realize just how wrong the acts he committed against their littermates actually were.

Brian Hewitt in PA