Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hector at the Beach.


Hector taking some time to inspect the beach scene in Lake City, MN.
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Clara Yori said...

This was fun. We went with the Grenells to LC to Pepin Heights apple orchard and then down to a little beach on Lake Pepin. I believe Hector is looking at the ducks here. They wouldn't quite come close enough....

Emily said...

Hector, you handsome dude! That's a great shot!

Boris said...


You do good beach. I hear you are going uptown, that will put you a lot closer to salty water.

So, keep us posted on your man's new job.

I'll check back,


Diane said...

Now that's one HANDSOME Hector! The beach and a ripped bod! Does it get better than that. He is a REAL beauty!
Diane:) And my PIT BULL pride in Oklahoma. (that's Maggie in my blog picture.)