Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kids are cool!

I got to go visit a school filled with all kinds of fun kids. The teacher explained where I came from so they could see how much happier I am with a better life and a loving home. I guess many of the kids probably have seen other dogs like me that aren't treated that good. I hope they remember how good of a dog I am, so they don't blame the dogs and think they're bad. I think I won them over though with my super-duper Hector charm! They were really fun to hang out with, too! They gave me all kinds of attention and pets, which is totally how it should be all the time. I hope I get to keep doing fun things like this all the time.
A bunch more of those camera things were following me around asking mom questions. She handled the people with the cameras really well, just like dad usually does. I made sure to help her out by being and extra special good boy, and since I was we got a bunch of stories told about us. I guess it even went out to something called the AP, so people from all over the country heard about my visit to the school. Here's what the nice people with cameras had to say.
Star Tribune article (you may have to scroll down)
I think that's most of the bigger articles. I hope the kids liked hanging out with me as much as I liked hanging out with them. I also hope that this will help them continue to be nice people when they grow up, and treat other doggies nicely like they treated me. Thanks for the fun day!


Kellie said...

Hector, you and your mommy did GREAT! I think you helped your mom not be frightened by the camera, I mean you certainly aren't! :)

Thanks so much for helping kids realize that treating dogs (and other people) in a caring way is the best thing to do! Thanks Hector and Clara!

Mango said...

Thanks for thinking of me and making a donation to help the orphan doggies. We have lots of pittie bulls in the competition. Hopefully some reader will fall in love with the big old lugheads and think about giving one a furever home.


Emily said...

Hello! I just want to say a huge thank you for the work you're doing to change society's impression of pitties. We recently adopted a pit mix from a local shelter, and even though there are quite a few lovely pits as pets in my community, I get a stereotypical pitbulls-are-scary reaction about once a day when people ask what she is, even as she's sitting nicely waiting to be loved. Thanks!

Rescue Dog Wines said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank for spreading the word, Hector. It's good dogs like you that are going to change people's minds about pitties and BSL. It's not about your breed, it's about how you are raised; people need to realize that, and this is how they learn, one mind at a time.
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Kenneth Copeland said...

Helping kids realize that treating dogs in a caring way is really wonderful! Thanks for doing such a nice deed.

Fight for your rights said...

Fine page Hector stop by and check out mine your a great example of the breed your living proof it's all about the owner. Ps ask Roo
how my buddy
wallace is doing.